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Looking for friendly and outgoing people to provide exceptional food service.  This can be a fast-paced position.  Responsibilities include preparing food, cooking food, handling food, tracking inventory, washing dishes and cleaning the food booth.  





-Must work a minimum of 3 nights each week and at least one of them needs to be a Friday or Saturday.  

-Must be a minimum of 16 years old. 

- No experience is required, just a willingness to give each patron the best experience every time  

- This position can be physically demanding as it requires a lot of standing and walking. It may require lifting 5 gal jugs of water

-You will be required to wear a uniform and hat

-Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and provide exceptional customer service

-Must be able to follow directions

- Hard worker

-Must be Honest

-Must be alcohol and drug free

- No smoking or vaping on property- no exceptions

-Everyone must work the night of Halloween which is Tuesday, October 31st this year.  



-Create your own schedule, just make sure you work at least the min days and Halloween night

- First years start at a base of $8 an hour

-Eligible for pay raise based on performance and number of days worked.

-Each returning year automatically receives an increase to base wage

-Eligible for bonus pay 

-Season end party with catered dinner and tons of prizes – yes, it is awesome!

-Eligible for weekly drawings and prizes


-Discounted tickets for friends and family

-Discount at food booth

Food Booth Cast Member

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