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Go to the front of the haunt line. speed pass price at gate is $5

Zombie brain smash is a carnival game where you try to get put the brains back in the zombie head. by. play to win t-shirts, beanies, and other prizes. Pay at game.

test your apocalypse skills with this interactive paintball shootout. hit the target to see the zombie move. Pay at gallery. 


per 50 paintballs

Mayble's 3D Spooky Funhouse is a not so scary junior haunted house. It is a must try newer addition to the Corn Maze! Ticket includes one admission to Mayble's 3D Spooky Funhouse and one pair of 3D glasses. This attraction is catered to a younger crowd and all ages who enjoy a playful halloween experience. Mayble's 3D Spooky Funhouse is full of friendly character paintings, interactive special affects, and an Under the Sea blacklight room full of bubbles. 3D glasses are worn to enhance this experience. 


8800 South 4000 West

West Jordan, UT  84088

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