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Looking for energetic and enthusiastic people to literally scare other people! This is an active and exciting position.  You will be assigned a character role and given training on how to carry out the actions and scare sequences. We have a variety of scare styles and use auditions primarily to fit you into the best style for our show.  Responsibilities include giving every patron the best experience possible, keeping your assigned area clean and reporting issues with props, scenery or patrons, and following our policies and procedures.  



-Must work a minimum of  3 nights each week and at least one of them needs to be a Friday or Saturday.  

-Must be a minimum of 14 years old. 

- No experience is required, just a willingness to give your best effort every time.  

- This position can be physically demanding and you will be required to wear a costume and mask/face makeup.  

- Hard worker

-Must be Honest

-Must be alcohol and drug free

- No smoking or vaping on property- no exceptions

-Everyone must work the night of Halloween which is Tuesday, October 31st this year.  



-Haunt Actor training provided

-Create your own schedule,  just make sure you work at least the minimum days and Halloween night

-First years start at a base of $8 per hour.

-Eligible for pay raise based on performance and number of days worked.

-Each returning year automatically receives an increase to base wage

-Eligible for bonus pay      

-Season end party with catered dinner and tons of prizes – yes, it is awesome!

-Eligible for weekly drawings and prizes


-Discounted tickets for friends and family

-Discount at food booth

Haunt Actor

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