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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get through Night Stalkers Haunted Trail?
This varies. It depends on how fast you navigate the trail and how fast you walk. Plan on at least 30-40 minutes.

Is Night Stalkers Haunted Trail appropriate for children?
We believe that a parent/guardian know their child best. This is a haunted attraction that contains scares, strobe lights, lasers, and fog. 

How scary is Night Stalkers Haunted Trail?
This depends on the individual. This attraction is intended to be scary, however we have children that love it and adults that come out crying. 

Do I need a reservation?

No, you do not need to make a reservation. 

Do you have group rates and what do I need to know?
Yes, we have group rates that apply to a group of 20 or more. You need to book your group by completing the online form. You may then purchase online or onsite at the ticket booth. Book a group here.

Are dogs allowed?
No. Service animals only

What are your hours?
Click here to view hours.
How long does it take to get through the maze?
It varies greatly. Some people prefer to find their way out as fast as possible, some people like to do the checkpoint challenge (which takes longer), and some people get lost for a long time and call the help line to get out. 

Do you have paper maps?
No, the map and GPS tracker can be found by scanning the QR at the entrance of the maze with your phone. 

How long is Fright Lights?
Fright Lights is over a half mile trail and is at your own pace.


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